Classic Mornings

Classic Mornings



Wednesday, August 12, 201508/12/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/12/15: Hump Day Hustle

Morning Dish 1: How Parents’ Math Anxiety Can Affect Kids’ Achievement. Read more here. Strange, But True: OPERA PERFORMER SINGS…


Tuesday, August 11, 201508/11/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/11/15: Tuesday

Morning Dish 1: Study reveals 20 traditional skills that are dying out in a world of technology and convenience. Read…


Friday, August 7, 201508/07/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/7/15: TGI Friday!

Morning Dish 1: 5 Ways Using Your Phone Less Can Improve Your Relationship (And How To Do It). Read more…


Thursday, August 6, 201508/06/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/6/15: Thirsty Thursday!

Morning Dish 1: THE COST OF BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES IS UP: Pencils, crayons, backpacks and scissors are just a few things…


Wednesday, August 5, 201508/05/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/5/15: Hump Day Hustle!

Morning Dish 1: Things you should always keep in your car. Read more here and here. Strange, But True: 110-YEAR-OLD…


Tuesday, August 4, 201508/04/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/4/15: Tuesday

Morning Dish 1: 8 Ways to Spot a Lousy Hotel When Booking Online. Read the full story here. Strange, But…


Monday, August 3, 201508/03/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/3/15: Manic Monday!

Morning Dish 1: NEW STUDY: YOU SHOULD STAND ABOUT TWO HOURS A DAY: Should we stand up all day or…


Thursday, July 30, 201507/30/2015

Kat’s Recap 7/30/15 : Thirsty Thursday!

Morning Dish 1: HORMONE LEVELS MAY INCREASE RISK OF UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR: Do you consider yourself an ethical person? Harvard University…


Wednesday, July 29, 201507/29/2015

Kat’s Recap 7/29/15: Hump Day Hustle!

Morning Dish 1: 10 Bad Habits That Make You Look Really Unprofessional. Read more here. Strange, But True: ATM-FILLERS ACCIDENTALLY…


Tuesday, July 28, 201507/28/2015

Kat’s Recap 7/28/15: Tuesday

Morning Dish 1: NANOTECHNOLOGY DEPLOYED TO FIGHT PUBLIC URNATION: Pee perps beware: walls are being coated in San Francisco (and…

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Slash to producer slasher film


The former Guns 'N Roses star has teamed up with horror production firm Revolver Picture Company for a new movie franchise.

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TODAY’S MUST SEE: Taylor Swift & Lisa Kudrow bring back ‘Smelly Cat’ from ‘Friends’


From Central Perk to the Staples Center, Phoebe Buffay has hit the big time.

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Can the McWhopper make fast-food ‘peace?’


Could a Big Mac - Whopper hybrid be happening? And, if so, would you eat it?

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Glenn Danzig heading to ‘Portlandia’


The metal rocker will make his TV debut on the cult show.

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What if Daniel is the real ‘Karate Kid’ bully?


In this alternate version of the classic film, Daniel LaRusso is the one who picks every fight in "The Karate Kid."

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WATCH: Llama drama


"Phantom" the llama lived up to its name, evading animal control officers, neighbors and its owner for close to three hours before being caught.

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Iron Maiden pen Robin Williams tribute


One of the tunes on "The Book of Souls" is a tribute to the "Mrs. Doubtfire" star, who took his own life last year following a long battle with depression.