Classic Mornings

Classic Mornings



Tuesday, September 1, 201509/01/2015

Kat’s Recap 9/1/15: Tuesday!

Morning Dish 1: NAPPING MAY BE KEY TO OPTIMAL HEALTH: The next time you catch yourself nodding off midday, don’t…


Tuesday, August 25, 201508/25/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/26/15: Hump Day Huslte!

Morning Dish 1: THE DIRTIEST PARTS OF AN AIRPLANE REVEALED: No one wants to get sick right at the beginning…


Tuesday, August 25, 201508/25/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/25/15: Tuesday

Morning Dish 1: THE ‘GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE’ IS COMING IN 2017: You may want to mark your calendar for August…


Monday, August 24, 201508/24/2015

Kat’s recap 8/24/15: Manic Monday!

Morning Dish 1: IS YOUR MORNING COFFEE SAFE TO DRINK IN THE AFTERNOON?: You’re in desperate need of an afternoon…


Friday, August 21, 201508/21/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/21/15: TGI Friday!

Morning Dish 1: NASA: RELAX, THE WORLD WILL NOT END NEXT MONTH: Heard a rumor that the world is going…


Thursday, August 20, 201508/20/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/20/15: Thirsty Thursday!

Morning Dish 1: STARING INTO SOMEONE’S EYES FOR TEN MINUTES CAN MAKE YOU HALLUCINATE: Staring deeply into someone’s eyes can…


Wednesday, August 19, 201508/19/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/19/15: Hump Day Hustle!

Morning Dish 1: Oh, KALE no! Reasons too much Kale can be bad for you. Read more here, here, and…


Tuesday, August 18, 201508/18/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/18/15: Tuesday

Morning Dish 1: OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC PREDICTS THIS WINTER IS GOING TO BE ROUGH: It’s easy to forget winter’s deep…


Monday, August 17, 201508/17/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/17/15: Manic Monday!

Morning Dish 1: LOOKING AT NATURE MAKES YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE: Having difficulties staying motivated at work? You may want to…


Friday, August 14, 201508/14/2015

Kat’s Recap 8/14/15: TGI Friday!

Morning Dish 1: MUSIC BOOSTS RECOVERY FROM SURGERY, REDUCES PAIN: Listening to your favorite song might give you chills, lift…

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