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kat recap

Tuesday, December 22, 201512/22/2015

Kat’s Recap 12/22/15: Tuesday!

Morning Dish 1: SCIENCE EXPLAINS WHY SOME ARE ANGRY DRUNKS: Some people are happy, giggly drunks, others cry, and still…

kat recap

Monday, December 21, 201512/21/2015

Kat’s Recap 12/21/15: Manic Monday!

Morning Dish 1: BINGE DRINKING IS WORSE FOR YOU THAN ORIGINALLY THOUGHT: It’s the time of year for parties, dinners,…


Friday, December 18, 201512/18/2015

We’ve all heard of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. What day does it technically begin?

In Breakfast for your Brain

On the day you wake up and find these under the tree!

kat recap

Friday, December 18, 201512/18/2015

Kat’s Recap 12/18/15: TGI Friday!

Morning Dish 1: STUDY: HELPING OTHERS COULD BE GOOD FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH: You might as well get in the…

kat recap

Thursday, December 17, 201512/17/2015

Kat’s recap 12/17/18: Thirsty Thursday!

Morning Dish 1: STUDY: VEGETARIAN DIETS HURT THE PLANET TOO: If you thought that by giving up meat you were…

cell phone

Wednesday, December 16, 201512/16/2015

A new study discovered that doing this makes you temporarily deaf. What is it?

In Breakfast for your Brain

No one under 25 will hear me when I ask this question! LOL

kat recap

Wednesday, December 16, 201512/16/2015

Kat’s Recap 12/16/15: Hump Day Hustle!

Morning Dish 1: INTEREST RATES RISING: Today’s the day that the Federal Reserve is expected to increase benchmark interest rates…

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