Classic Mornings: Breakfast for Your Brain

Classic Mornings

Breakfast for Your Brain


Monday, November 9, 201511/09/2015

Who was the first man to appear on the cover of Playboy?

He was the star of this film in 1976…


Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

You can’t use an American Express card to buy THIS under any circumstance. What is it?

The guys in the video are infamous for it…


Thursday, November 5, 201511/05/2015

If you do THIS every day, chances are you will spend over $2,500 a year. What is it?

The key word here is DAY….


Wednesday, November 4, 201511/04/2015

THIS was the first song to be performed in outer space, sung by the Apollo IX astronauts on March 8, 1969. What song?

If someone sings this song to you, you may get a gift too!


Monday, November 2, 201511/02/2015

Queen’s original title for THIS song was “The Cowboy Song.” Which Queen song is it?

The 2 guys in this video loved this song!


Thursday, October 29, 201510/29/2015

According to Halloween folklore if you see THIS on Halloween, it means the spirit of a loved one watching over you. What is it?

Kat’s Hidden Camera feature video this week!


Tuesday, October 27, 201510/27/2015

In Medieval Europe, THESE animals were thought to be witches. Which animal?

To hear it’s call meant someone was about to die.

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